Seattle Pavilion And Landscaping Project

When the client wanted a complete makeover of the upper-rear garden with a Scandinavian Herrgård 7 Pavilion as the focal point, the architect recommended Fasoldt Gardens – the Seattle-based landscape design and build company – to drive the entire project from start to finish.

It was a great choice, the client recalls, for a large-scale project with many unique elements.


Landscape designer Nancy Fasoldt recently described the project for us. It includes a seating area with fire pit, a carved-wood sculpture, an Ironwood deck, a large, custom tile mural, and custom garden gates – all described below.


Centered in the garden is “Lusthus 4,” the fourth Scandinavian Garden Pavilion built in the U.S. Hand-crafted in the north of Sweden, the octagonal Herrgård 7 features 75 square feet of interior space and 14 high-quality glass windows on its main level – all of which open with classic Scandinavian latches.


To keep the interior warm and cozy, the client added electric, forced-air heating controlled by a NEST thermostat operated remotely by smartphone. Adding to the cozy feel is the interior’s warm spruce paneling with a natural wood finish.


The client also added LED strip lighting – hidden from view by the structure’s curtain rod and perimeter shelf – bringing a warm glow to the ceiling, drawing the eyes up to the pavilion’s crowning lanterna cupola with eight glass windows, a delightful study in geometry.

The lighting system was designed by Lynne Peterson, lighting specialist in the Commercial Sales division of Seattle Lighting. The system also included four halogen spots to light the area below for reading or working on puzzles.


“The pavilion is by far the dominant focal point of the project in its stature and color and when we were doing the planning process we really worked to keep everything proportioned accordingly,” Fasoldt told us.

Leading into the garden are colorful, powder-coated, stainless steel garden gates made to the client’s specification by Jim Honold, Artist in Residence at Home & Garden Art in Seattle.


Inside the garden, along the south side, an aging cedar deck was replaced with a robust new deck made with Ironwood (Ipe) decking and a cedar rail. Atop the deck stands a custom-made picnic table harking back to simpler times, made of cedar by Don Willis Furniture.

In the northeast corner of the garden a seating area – with a curved, teak bench – rests on the tumbled Pennsylvania Bluestone patio flanked by espalier camellias. A propane-powered fire pit is nearby with propane tanks hidden far from sight.


The tumbled Bluestone pavers wind through the mixed woodland planting of shrubs, bulbs and perennials leading to a striking 7-foot tall sculpture of two Blue Herons. The sculpture, carved in cedar, is by the Slovakian artist, Tomas Vrba, based in Everett.

Across from the sculpture, on the south-facing wall of the residence, a custom tile mural by Seattle artist, Paul Lewing, reveals a tranquil Cascade lake, echoing the serenity of the garden.


“All in all, this project has some real complexity to it with all the elements in a small space,” said Fasoldt, who’s husband, Dave Fasoldt, led the landscaping and construction team.

“But in the end, we were able to balance it all out to create a cohesive and charming space.“

For us at Scandinavian Garden Pavilions, it was a pleasure seeing this project come together creating a truly memorable, magical space.