The Heritage Pavilion

Our Heritage Pavilion is built to the same specification as our Herrgård Pavilion but it features a traditional roofline without the Lanterna (cupola). It also comes standard with 43-in. windows in the classic Scandinavian style, as shown above, or with optional tall wall windows, as seen in the pictures below.

lyng 2a

Stig designed and built his first Heritage Pavilion in Sweden 25 years ago. Today he builds all of his pavilions with his daughters and son-in-law, and they appear in gardens all across Northern Europe.


Available in four sizes – ranging from 75 to 215 square feet – these refined structures are loaded with uniquely Swedish details that set them apart from garden structures built in America.


Our 2-minute “Up-Close” video gives you a great tour of the architectural features and benefits of Scandinavian Garden Pavilions. Our Photo Gallery is handy for site planning and interior design ideas.

Heritage Pavilion Pricing Guide

Heritage Size Price
Model 7 75 Sq.Ft. $14000
Model 10 108 Sq.Ft. $16000
Model 15 161 Sq.Ft. $20000
Model 20 215 Sq.Ft. $25000

For more details on Heritage Pavilion pricing, specifications, delivery and our authorized installation service (in the greater Seattle area) we recommend that you download and print the helpful PDF files below.  We also recommend that you take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Planning a pavilion installation might seem a little tricky at times, so contact us any time with questions using the contact form on this site.  We can walk you through the right step-by-step approach or connect you with qualified professionals familiar with our pavilions to make installation much easier.