Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a building permit required?
A: In most cases building permits are not required for accessory structures under 120 square feet or larger in some municipalites, but in almost all cases, the exact location of your Garden Pavilion on your lot is subject to setback requirements. We recommend that you check with you local building department.

Q: Will I be able to assemble a Scandinavian Garden Pavilion on my own or should I hire a contractor or handyman?
A: It is most common for customers to hire a handyman or contractor to assemble and install their garden pavilion. But if you have basic carpentry or mechanical skills and solid assistance to help you move and position pre-assembled wall and roof sections, your Garden Pavilion should be relatively easy to assemble over the space of four or five days. If you live in the Greater SeaIle Area, we recommend Johnson Brothers Construction, our Authorized Installation Service and winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2011. If you choose to hire a “handyman” be sure the handyman has a helper. At the time of order we will provide you with detailed assembly instructions so that you can plan the project in advance.

Q: What kind of foundation is required?
A: There are a number of foundation alternatives to choose from, depending upon your building site, climate and frost line considerations. Alternatives include: Patio Stones or Cinder Blocks placed under each of the structure’s eight corners with additional patio stones in the center; Sonotube or Concrete Footings (similarly placed) which are a good choice in situations where you want your Pavilion raised, or where you are building on soil or uneven ground; and a Concrete Pad, which is the most expensive solution. To learn more about foundations, download our Foundation Preparation.pdf or give us a call to discuss your site’s needs.

Q: Should I wait to paint my Pavilion?
A: Your Pavilion is ready for painting upon delivery and some customers paint them prior to installation. You should paint your Pavilion as soon as possible to protect your investment and extend the life of your Pavilion. You can contact a local painter or local paint store to learn about the best local products and solutions, or use the contact form on this website to request additional information or to learn about our pre-painting and pre-priming options for Pavilions ordered for delivery.

Q: Does Scandinavian Garden Pavilions handle Custom Orders?
A: Yes, we certainly do. We offer a range of window, wall and roofing options as well as extreme weather insulation options including insulated floors, ceilings, walls, windows and lanterna (cupola). Visit our Custom Order page or email us at (or use the contact form on this website) to ask questions and to learn more about these options and delivery times.

Q: How can I learn more about models, sizes, pricing and shipping?
A: All of this information is provided in our Pricing Reports.  We have two pricing reports designed for easy printing and reference. The Herrgård  Pricing Report and the Heritiage Pricing Report.  Contact us any time with any question you have using the contact form on this website.  We'll get back to you quickly with an answer.