Custom Orders

We now offer you the opportunity to Custom Order your pavilion direct from our workshop in Sweden. This allows you to specify certain features to make sure that your pavilion perfectly suits your needs.


For instance, you might wish to have a mix of tall (63-inch) and short (43-inch) windows in your structure, as shown in the picture above. You can have tall windows on the walls facing your most scenic views and shorter windows on walls with less scenic views. We have even built pavilions with two sets of double-doors, fully opening up two of the eight walls to the outdoors.


Or maybe you’re thinking of placing your pavilion up against a rear fence or a hedge. Often when this is done in Scandinavia, as shown in the photo above, solid walls are chosen instead of window walls for one or two sides of the octagonal structure facing the hedge. Solid walls obscure unwanted views and allow for creative furniture arrangements inside the structure.

We have been asked about our pre-painting options and these include pre-primed walls and windows, as well as fully painted windows and lanterna (in white only).



We also offer two roof color options, black and red. The black option outsells the red, both here and in Scandinavia, but the red roof (pictured above) is quite popular with homeowners looking to match red clay tiles used on many homes across the region.

All of our structures meet code and include tempered glass windows where required. Each structure comes with a keyed entry lock and full perimeter curtain rod and shelves.

If you are interested in working on a Custom Order contact us using the contact form on this website, or by emailing us at We’d be happy to do a design consultation with you or to answer any questions you may have. We can also answer questions about after-market options, including lighting and heating.

We look forward to hearing from you.