Scandinavian Garden Pavilions, LLC, started as a vision in the late ’90s as we trekked back and forth from Lena’s native Sweden to Seattle.

We noted the similarities in weather and climate between the Northwest and Sweden -- at least in spring, summer and fall – when the desire to relax outside is often thwarted by a chilly mist or gray skies and rain.

But then we took note of the Scandinavian antidote – the “lusthus,” as they are called in Sweden, “lysthus” in Danish and Norwegian. For hundreds of years Scandinavian’s have enjoyed the outdoors comfortably in enclosed garden pavilions, extending their summers in these ideal iconic structures.

Mark first fell in love with Scandinavian garden pavilions at our wedding reception in Stockholm 30 years ago, at Stallmästaregården, in the shadow of one of Sweden’s most beautiful pavilions, Queen Kristina’s Pavilion. So practical, so beautiful.

On sunny days, pavilion windows fly open letting the outside in. On chilly, wet days the windows close, the heater goes on and the inside is now outside. Seated in your pavilion surrounded by a lush green garden -- perhaps with a cup of coffee, a book, a Kindle or a smartphone -- the gray melts away and your mood improves. During festivities the hours fly by as guests lose themselves in the geometry of these refined 8-sided structures.

Scandinavians have understood this for hundreds of years, hence perfecting the garden pavilion, extending their fragile summers.

The models we are bringing to the US are the finest we have seen in Scandinavia. Our friend and builder, Stig, has refined his design over two decades with pavilions delivered all across Scandinavia.

To get a feeling for some of the history and variations of the Scandinavian garden pavilion, visit our "Grand Old Pavilions" page. From this page you can jump to four different photo essays giving you a close-up look at some of our favorite historic lusthus.

If you would like to learn more about our pavilions to understand what makes them so special and different from common domestic gazebos, or simply hobnob about garden structures in general, please drop us line using our contact form or give us a call at +1(425) 985-1249.

We hope you enjoy our website.

Lena & Mark