Welcome to ScanPav.com, the online home of Scandinavian Garden Pavilions, LLC, importing beautiful Scandinavian "Lusthus" to the Pacific Northwest since 2012.

For nearly 400 years Scandinavians have escaped to charming, enclosed garden pavilions, sheltered from the weather, away from the bustle of the household. A cozy refuge, ideal for reading and entertaining. The perfect studio or home office.

They are called “Lusthus” in Sweden ("Lysthus" in Norway and Denmark) and they first appeared in the gardens of nobility. “Lust” translates roughly to pleasure or delight and “hus” means building or structure.

Our pavilions are hand-made in Sweden by Stig and his family. They come in two styles – The Herrgård Pavilion and The Heritage Pavilion – and four different sizes. We also offer two new beautiful Orangeries built by Stig as new additions to our lineup.  Please enjoy our website and contact us with any questions.